Jennifer Tan Original Art & Paintings | Vancouver BC Artist | Canada
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Jennifer Tan – Original Art

Jennifer Tan paints and lives on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. After a lifetime of dabbling she started taking classes painting with acrylics a few years ago, and is now working hard trying to find her feet there. Inspired by the beach, by colour and light, and by the warmth found in everyday simple scenes, she is energized in painting by trying new things, trying to figure things out, and by drinking lots and lots of chai tea. She’s also exhilarated by the wicked delight of sometimes staying up painting very, very late, happily lost in the fun of making marks.

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I had some fun the last few months taking a painting class in an old house that has been repurposed into a teaching studio and is right on the beach!  When my partner-in-crime artsy friend Monika asked if I was interested in this class I pretty......

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